MA - Origin: TBA

Research & development initiated on the MA - Origin: Once this process is further along, more updates will follow

MA - Flare: TBA

Research & development has commenced on this project, and more details will be released later on after the previous project is further along.

MA - SkyHub: TBA

Concept has started on this project, and will not be slated for development, until the prior projects are into testing.


Operational Efficiency & Increased Safety

MA - Origin: The plan is to create a new certified solution that will drastically reduce overhaul times, downtime, and maintenance procedures that are in current effect.

Mass Change Planned

As our products develop and begin certification testing, announcements will be made as to how these projects will help the operational efficiency in aviation, and how that will help develop and lower operator costs.


Current Focus: MA - Origin

Current work is being accomplished to the development of product one, of the Mulchand Aerospace offering.